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This is the fifth in a series of archival news items which are being published each Saturday. The news items date back from the late 1970s until 1989. This collection of news articles have been published in various newspapers and official historic publications. The following article talks about the Adriatic Class, the name of the airline’s newly introduced Business Class. Being one of the most innovative in the sky, JAT removed its First Class product and instead operated with a Business and Economy class section on each aircraft. Previously, the airline operated with a First and Economy Class section.
Luxury in the sky – Adriatic Class introduced on JAT

By the end of 1983, Yugoslav Airlines passengers greatly benefited from the airline’s drive to improve quality and comfort in its aircraft, which was based on the company’s new policy formulated in 1980. Therefore, a new class was ushered in on regular flights to Europe and Mediterranean service on December 15, 1983. It enabled business people, which where the primary target group, to travel in greater comfort. The airline also introduced dedicated check in desks and improved ticketing procedures for its Adriatic Class passengers. Aircraft cabins were adapted to meet new requirements: the space between seats was expanded while removable screens separated Adriatic and Economy class passengers. JAT’s catering branch came up with new innovative, high quality meals and secured a large offer of domestic and foreign beverages served free of charge during the flight. Passengers in Adriatic Class were served up food in front of them, having a choice of what they would like with their main meal. Furthermore, a special Adriatic Class counter was opened at JAT offices world wide, while the Adriatic Lounge opened for passengers at Belgrade Airport in August 1985. At the close of 1982, JAT introduced an old domestic custom to improve the quality and passengers experience on its services to the United States and Australia. Cabin crew in national dress from around Yugoslavia welcomed passengers, mostly Yugoslav immigrants, as thy boarded the aircraft and offered them Yugoslav pastries as well as a domestic drink as a token of hospitality. By late 1987, JAT introduced its Adriatic Class on domestic services as well. Therefore, passengers of this class on all domestic and combined services within Yugoslavia on all aircraft, except the ATR42, received a new, high quality service. Along with domestic drinks, passengers on the Adriatic Class were served finely decorated sandwiches, soft drinks, candy and daily newspapers. After 6 years of favourable reactions from passengers travelling on the Adriatic Class on all international flights within Europe and the Mediterranean, JAT decided on a similar move on its Intercontinental services. Therefore, Adriatic Class was introduced on all flights to the United States, Canada, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand beginning November 1, 1988. The ticket prices on th Adriatic Class were 40% higher than those in Economy Class. The Adriatic Class was a unique product in the skies above Europe, ahead of its time.
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