Boost for new Zagreb terminal

The original Zagreb Terminal 2 design (2008)
The Croatian Government will commence tender procedures in order to find a strategic partner which will help build Zagreb Airport’s new terminal next month, the Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor announced on Friday. The Prime Minister said that the project will be funded by both the government and the company which wins the tender. In return for financing the project, the strategic partner will gain control over Croatia’s main hub and run it for several decades. Kosor said that many have shown interest in the project including airports from Munich, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Zurich and Houston. “Next year, after several phases of the tender process I believe we will find a strategic partner with whom we will commence the construction of the new airport terminal which should cost some 180 million Euros”, she said. Kosor revealed that the government has already held talks with interested partners.

The construction of Zagreb’s much needed second terminal has been on the cards for a decade. In 2008, a winning design for the new terminal was chosen but the price tag was too expensive for the government. A modified version of Zagreb’s design is now under construction in Donetsk, Ukraine instead.


  1. Houston sounds interesting. I would think that it would suit Zagreb better that an airport which is not in the immediate vicinity would invest as they may not have any reserves about the airport expanding too much and thus limit the capacity of the airport, something which would not be good for the city and the country.

    Wow, imagine Zagreb with 5 runways lol. (

  2. Anonymous22:10

    Zagreb needs to get in touch with Emirates …. They can only afford to fly from Zagreb to everywhere, forget about some “USA Carrier” which is planning to come to Zagreb, yeah… maybe but seasonal.
    Get Emirates and Fly from Zagreb beyond – Whould be nice to see, Australia to Balkan non stop then from Zagreb to USA , it will attract heaps of passengers not just from the Balkan countries.
    Not sure , whats happen with Belgrade , they were planning to get Emirates there ,so if Croats are planning expansion , better to start ASAP , cos Belgrade might do it first, I read on the net while ago they were planing SYD/MEL/BNE to BEG non stop then to continue to USA, but maybe it was only gossips - like always.
    Yeah... Zagreb looks nice on the picture with the new terminal.... anyway Good Luck.

  3. Anonymous23:08

    Belgrade has a more ideal location than Zagreb and was even considered for being Emirates' hub in Europe. They planned to commence flights to Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, and China, but plans fell through because of the crisis. No such deal will ever happen any time soon...unfortunately

  4. Anonymous00:24

    ^ No such plans were ever made. Even a 1 year old would laugh at this. Even if it were written in some newspaper, if you had any primary aviation knowledge you would realise it is utter bull crap

  5. Anonymous00:26

    Oh yeah and Mexico and Canada. Haha they don’t even fly to Mexico from Dubai and who on earth would they transport from Mexico to Belgrade and they can’t get more slots from Dubai to Canada.

  6. Anonymous00:57

    If they use the 5th freedom rights they can fly to Canada and USA or whenever they want fly ,
    Regarding Canada , EK they cant get slots from Dubai , but with 5th freedom right they can get to anywhere else *

    *subject to governments approval

    Which allows an airline to carry revenue traffic between foreign countries as a part of services connecting the airline's own country. It is the right to carry passengers from one's own country to a second country, and from that country to a third country (and so on)
    For Example if they cant get DXB- YYZ or YVR or YUL they can do
    DXB-BEG-YYZ/YUL /YVR which I don’t see any problem to not be approved.

    Mexico…. Yeah… joke of the day … but the rest for Canada and USA is on the table quite a long time .

  7. Anonymous05:04

    That is what they claimed was going to happen. So I'm just saying what they said.
    And as for North America flights, it's a possibility. More and more people are visiting Serbia (mostly Belgrade) and with the amount of investments made already, it is surely going to be a regional hub. Even the EU, CoE, Turkey, Russia, USA, and Hungary have all agreed with this. So maybe even JAT might fly to Mexico, who knows?

  8. Anonymous08:55

    They didn’t say that anywhere. Stop making stuff up.


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