Jat continues record run

Jat’s busiest June in 21 years
After a record breaking May, the Serbian national carrier has recorded its best June passenger results since 1991. The airline welcomed 134.969 passengers onboard, up 16% compared to the same month last year. Figures were particularly impressive on Jat’s Euro Mediterranean flights with 100.665 passengers choosing the Serbian carrier. The average cabin load factor stood at 74%, up 2 points on last year.

Jat’s most popular destinations continue to be towards its traditional markets - London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Zurich. However, this June also saw full planes to Skopje, Sarajevo, Girona and Athens. In the first half of the year Jat has handled a total of 585.363 passengers, an improvement of 11% compared to the same period last year.

In late June Jat was forced to cancel numerous flights because it has obliged itself to operate hundreds of charter services while its fleet goes in for regular maintenance, leaving the airline without enough aircraft to operate its full schedule. The situation will worsen in July. While the charters will substitute the regular flights, thousands of passengers on Jat’s regular services have been rebooked onto other airlines or have been compensated, making the move extremely costly. As a result, it remains to be seen whether Jat will maintain its strong passenger results in July as well.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN74.908 866
FEB62.289 963
MAR83.369 468


  1. Anonymous09:54

    re last sentence: Do passenger numbers even matter if they lose money? IMHO, there is no way that Jat is making money flying charters if they had to rebook people from regular flights...

  2. Anonymous09:55

    "...Jat was forced to cancel numerous flights because it has obliged itself to operate hundreds of charter services while its fleet goes in for regular maintenance, leaving the airline without enough aircraft..."

    Leasing a couple of planes wasn't an option, right? How's that possible?!

    1. Anonymous19:28

      actually it was an option...the minister Mr. M. Mrkonjic promised two weeks before the elections in Serbia that the government will lease 4 planes (A320 or 737) for Jat...to be able flying during season and obligations for charter flights...thank you again SPS and DS for destroing not just our company but also the people and the whole country...

  3. Anonymous10:55

    A record for spot cancellations as well, what a success.

    I wonder if it's legal to cancel all those flights with such a short notice.

    1. Anonymous08:46

      It is.

    2. Anonymous10:12

      By whose laws? EU laws stipulate a minimum of 2 weeks notice, and I'm certain Serbia has harmonized theirs.

      Try guessing again. (read - yeah, it's state sponsored crime)

    3. Anonymous11:18

      I'm not guessing anything, but you are assuming too much, my friend.
      All those flights are cancelled more then 15 days before departure.
      By the way, within 15 days is the period Airline is obligated to compesate passengers because of cancelled flights.

    4. Anonymous14:22

      Funny, since it was not an assumption - I had conflicting info provided by a relevant source. Thanks for sharing yours.

      In any case, quite a unique approach to spot cancellations, having them done during peak.. no wonder other airlines benefited. ;-)

    5. Anonymous09:02

      Jat was promised 10+4 planes for this summer season. Why the Goverment, as the owner, didn't delivered planes as they ensured Jat they will, is left to speculations and negligence of Serbian Govt towards JU.

  4. Anonymous11:22

    How many flights were actually cancelled, any stats on that and on the losses due to rebookings?

  5. Anonymous11:32


    Ok, where are the remaining 4 B737 planes? Why is Jat operating with only 6 jets and 3 ATR-s? That's ridiculous and irresponsible. Bottom.

    1. Anonymous08:54

      Jat can thank Jat Tehnika for stalling the work on the planes. As someone mentioned, we can all thank the Goverment not be able and not caring to warn Jat Tehnika about deadlines... Furthermore, Jat was promised 10+4 aircrafts...why there is not 14 planes flying - we can all ask DS/SPS.

  6. Anonymous11:44

    I can not understand why they did not lease Trade Air, Montenegro, Adria or someone else who has more planes that they need, till they will get beck those B737 and ATR.

    1. Anonymous15:33

      Because there are some people with opinions like you can read in the topic from a few days ago about mr. Djurisic and YM (the anonymous ones in the very beginning). Hope they will also leave a message on this subject.

      Pozdrav svim normalnima!

  7. Anonymous15:44

    Guys, these numbers are actually very surprising to me. Have been flying to Belgrade for work many times lately, and once I ended up with JAT: planes were very old and tickets extremely expensive (my company pays). I usually fly Austrian on this route, and what you get with them is way better, for a cheaper price. How possible? just curiosity.

    1. Anonymous21:00

      I am sorry but Austrian Airlines inflight product is just sub-par. They fly newer planes but Jat will serve you onboard and pick up 30kg of baggage for free. What this translates to for me is two worries less every time I fly: I don't have to worry how much I pack (I'm almost always even under 15, but the point is that I don't have to think about this), and I don't have to schedule time to eat before the flight if I'm in a hurry. So, yes, flying a new plane would also be nice, but the equation is just not so simple. I *HATE* being gouged for another 2 or 20 euros when I fly. It's just so cheap.

    2. Anonymous00:45

      I agree that Austrian inflight product is definitely poor on transatlantic routes, but hey, the seats on Jat 737s I did fly were just worn.

  8. Anonymous23:45

    OT: just a cool sight: Tomorrow montengro airlines flies Belgrade -Aqaba, Jordan.. This is the first i've seen, but i see KonTiki has been introducing Jordan as a new vacation spot in Serbia

    1. Anonymous02:21

      YM flew couple of times to Aqaba from Belgrade last year too ;)

    2. Anonymous23:44

      No, they did not.



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