Air Serbia CEO: We share Etihad’s DNA

Etihad alliance members speak in praise of partnership

The Etihad Airways worldwide staff conference was just held in Abu Dhabi with more than 500 staff attending from around the world. There was a strong emphasis on Etihad’s equity alliance with CEOs from all partner airlines, including Alitalia and KLM - Air France, speaking at the event. Air Serbia’s CEO, Dane Kondić, drew parallels between the national carrier’s current status and that of Etihad Airways during its early years. “We share the same DNA as Etihad”, he said. “We have also started with a clean sheet of paper and we are focused on replicating the high product and service standards of Etihad to drive our success, after which we will further develop our network connections too”, Mr. Kondić said.

Delegates were greeted by crew from (left to right) Virgin Australia, Etihad Regional, Jet Airways, Air Seychelles, Etihad, Air Serbia and Air Berlin

Etihad will invest millions into Air Serbia over the next five years. The CEO of the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, James Hogan, spoke of the need to deliver winning performance for passengers, colleagues and the airline’s many partners, especially those in its equity alliance. “Winning matters and it means having a can do attitude in everything we hope to achieve. Winners do not allow silos to develop. Winners cooperate and winners go the extra mile”, Mr. Hogan said. He added, “The clear challenge for Etihad Airways and its partners is to outperform and we have a clear and proven strategy to do so. Our codeshare and equity partners continue to deliver tremendous value, contributing substantial revenue for Etihad Airways”.

According to Etihad’s plans for Air Serbia, the airline has achieved its short term goal of cooperating with Etihad, launching new aircraft and routes, joint procurement, joint training and joint sales and marketing. The Serbian carrier is now set to embark onto the second phase of its development, which will be much more challenging. It involves revenue quality and volume, profitability, cost control disciplines and operational excellence. Etihad has said Air Serbia will make a profit in two years time. “Together, we have shown that these partnerships work. All of the executives understand the benefits of this strategy and they are passionate about building upon our successful track record by developing the partnership even further”, Mr. Hogan concluded.


  1. Anonymous09:32

    Wow. What an intelligent comment. Congratulation Air Serbia!

  2. Anonymous09:54

    So much for comments here how Etihad is excluding Air Serbia because once it didn't appear on their Facebook page. I really like the crew photo :) i just keep remembering what a mess JAT was this time last year

    1. Anonymous09:56

      Exactly... completely agree.

    2. Anonymous10:25

      It was not one time. Same thing is in Etihad web page and some other publications mentioned on this blog.

    3. Anonymous10:34

      Actually it was much more than once. This joint photo of flight attendants is a RARE moment when you can see JU as fully featured member of EY's alliance.

      Meanwhile, Serbia's Central Securities Depository and Clearing Register (CRHoV) still shows the state is a sole owner of JU. No trace of Etihad there. I sure hope this is just a matter of administration but the fact remains that no money from Etihad will arrive until their equity stake has been taken over.

    4. Anonymous10:43

      You have no clue. I flew with Etihad 2 months ago. There were constant ads on the overhead TVs for Air Serbia, on the PA at the beginning there was a special welcome to Air Serbia passengers, in the back of the Etihad in-flight magazine the Air Serbia fleet is featured.

    5. Anonymous10:48

      @ AnonymousFebruary 24, 2014 at 10:34 AM Believe me they have already invested money. If you think the Serbian government did the rebranding, cabin crew training, aircraft leasing and so on with their own cash then you are not aware of the finances in the Serbian economy..

    6. Who pays for YU-APF repairs? And where is this plane now, anybody knows that?

    7. Anonymous11:13

      Sorry guys, I am not much of a believer. I prefer facts. And facts say that each time Etihad invested in an airline, it was immediately known how much they invested and what is their share in ownership. It is clearly not the case with JU. Yes, it is obvious there were serious investments recently but the fact is that no one has a clue where the money came from. Why would Etihad stay away from ownership if they already invested? I mean yes, I accept what Hogan and Kondic say but you should also accept that at this moment Etihad has ZERO ownership in JU. And the deal is still one huge secret. And this was NOT the case with other members of EY's equity alliance.

    8. Anonymous11:20

      Yes because we knew so much about Etihad buying Darwin Airline. We found out on the day and no there is no published takeover agreement of ANY airline Etihad has taken over. Only a month ago James Hogan said they bought 49% of Jat Airways turned Air Serbia. I guess they invited Dane Kondic to this convention in Abu Dhabi because they didn't buy Air Serbia and just wanted him there for fun.

    9. Anonymous11:50

      Let me put it very simple then:
      1. A lot of money has been poured into JU recently
      2. Government of Serbia is still in 100% ownership of JU?

      So, where did the money come from? If from EY, what did they get in return?

    10. Trola17:14

      Flights to North America are starting in few weeks, there is new A340 being leased by JU.

    11. Anonymous17:36

      Is this real?

    12. ^That is a photoshop from the site "skyscrapercity".

      Also it is an A330.

    13. @Trola

      Nice photoshop work, next time hide the registration better and A340 is not a twin engine.

      Brand new ac though, ferried in 2013 to their final destination.

    14. It wasn't his photoshop work. It was the work of lazaretstd. Credit goes to him.

    15. Aэrologic18:24

      Titles are too small.

  3. Anonymous10:09

    From Southern Cross to Northern Star starching big wing
    ETIHAD's associate airlines. Fly high you beauty...
    Rodney Son & Co. Kraljevo / Sydney-Griffith.

  4. If the fact that AS is not "friends" with Etihad on FB is the biggest concern of our EXYU neighbors, we know we are on the right way!!! HAHAHA
    If this is what it is without Arab money, can only imagine whats it gonna be like when they step in with millions!
    Anyway, from a dying giant, to one of Europes best airlines in just 6 months, is just incredible.
    My question is when can we expect flights to Beijing, Zagreb, Munich? So important routes but can not see them in plans for a near future? Any insiders?

    1. Anonymous11:54

      When you put it that way, wow! Totally agree with both you and anonymus at 11:20.
      I was and still am expecting eastern long haul as well as more Germany, Spain, UK et.

    2. Anonymous12:16

      Not all questions about JU are asked by neighbors. Some Serbs have brains too, that is, they still did not replace it with kinderlada.

    3. Maybe the admin could contact Etihad's Corporate Comunications officee for us and ask the question what's behind of all of this.

    4. Trola17:31

      long hall starts as announced earlier, here is A340 already leased and ready to come from SNN.

    5. Aэrologic17:34

      @vlada kinderlada

      +1 :D

      You're the new star, love your comments!

    6. Anonymous19:13

      Stop trolling around, Trola at 5:31 PM
      No long haul plane is leased so far.

    7. Trola20:08

      Why not? It was just for some fun, level of discussions run here are worrying most of the times ... so some fun with good picture, should be always welcome...

      Of course there are no long haul flights announced yet ... or are there? ;-)

  5. Anonymous11:58

    I agree.

    if the former JAT turnover to Air Serbia in less then six months if this much positive, without Etihad's support (as some of you say), then I have not reasons to be concerned. Even better, the airline is 100% owned by Serbian gov't.
    But if this is not the case, and money is yet to come from Abu Dhabi, then that even better, right?:)

    Btw. When we are on the topic of ownership, it was posted not long ago that a release of the joint deal between Etihad and AS is going to be published by end f February. Anyone has a link to it? thanks

    1. Anonymous12:33

      It has bewn moved to the 26 and no one said tgey would release it tgey said they will discuss the possability of releasing it

    2. Anonymous13:09

      Oh, that makes it all perfect then. What a generous, transparent gesture towards taxpayers.

      Either way, I hope to eventually see Etihad's stake officially taken over. I don't like enigmatic deals.

  6. Anonymous12:29

    It was announced for 20 February. Political promise which in Serbia usually means nothing.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX14:00

    @ ex YU aviation admin

    Any chance for u to have an interview with Mr Kondic or other CEOs in the region? Or are we too small ;-)

  8. Anonymous14:29

    Good wish! ... since Mr Kondic took over the helm of the airline as CEO he has not yet given a single meaningfull interview. The inauguration staff he mentiond for the new open routes is "bologni" and not serious towards the public nor the employees. Most of the time he isn't even in Belgrade so that makes things even worst. We all see some positives (so far) related to JU but obviously imposisble to draw serious conclusions since the deal is so tightlipped. As such there must be something that they do not want the public to know ...God help us and JU!

    1. What do you mean that most of the time he is not even in Belgrade? He might not be in his office very often but that's because he is constantly going around different departments and attending meetings. He is actually a very kind and polite person in real life.

  9. Anonymous16:05

    What happened to Alitalia's flight from TGD. It landed in Podgorica but it didn't take off and the flight is cancelled.

  10. Anonymous17:27

    A lot of airlines already complained about stakes of Etihad in JU.
    Maybe thats the reason Etihad wants not make investments too obvious.
    The main problem is that JUs majority holder the Government is more committed to EU-accession than to business partners in Middle East?
    As a non-Eu-airline JU could even could got sold to Etihad 100%.
    Air Serbia would be the ideal proxy in a economic war between EU-countries and the UAEs.
    Germany would never attack Emirates or Etihad.
    But it can attack their little babies Air Serbia and Air Berlin.
    The EU becomes more and more aggresive against other countries(see Ukraine now).

    1. Anonymous18:51

      Air Berlin is little babby?

    2. Anonymous18:57

      Jp ... 2nd in Germany and 7th in Europe by size of PAX

    3. Anonymous01:30

      @Anonymous "Germany would never attack Emirates or Etihad"

      Sorry to burst your bubble, time to wake up. This is Lufthansa CEO:

  11. Anonymous18:06

    Someone asked what the A4a and A4b were, they are the new bus gates at BEG which were opened on 21st February. Two were opened so far.

  12. Anonymous19:10

    James Hogan arriving in BEG tomorrow

  13. Anonymous19:48

    Well. I read this blog and your local issues ... I am totaly confused... It is JAT sold or not? Or it is just another fog arround?

    1. Anonymous19:53

      It's only not sold in the eyes of disgruntled former JAT employees who took redundancies after EY came. Many of them couldn't pass the English test and everyone who got employed by Air Serbia through open calls is an enemy to them and JAT was at its best last year with 5 planes. And the worst of all to them is that passengers are called guest now. They preffered when they called passengers stoka and were happy when there was a lf of 5% so they could sit in the last row and read newspapers.

  14. Anonymous21:46

    Kompanija "Etihad ervejz" iz Ujedinjenih Arapskih Emirata i zvanično ovih dana postaje suvlasnik "Er Srbije".

    Kako saznaju "Novosti", Džejms Hogan, predsednik kompanije iz Abu Dabija, potpisaće u utorak sa ministrom saobraćaja Aleksandrom Antićem, memorandum kojim "Etihad" i Vlada Srbije potvrđuju da su obe strane ispunile sve ugovorene obaveze.

    Tako će Srbija imati 51, a "Etihad" 49 odsto vlasništva u našoj nacionalnoj avio-kompaniji.

    Potrebna dokumentacija će odmah biti dostavljena Agenciji za privredne registre i očekuje se da će upis promene vlasničke strukture biti okončan za oko pet dana.

    1. Anonymous01:22

      This is a complete disaster!!! How are we going to create FUD about Air Serbia if this is true! OMG trolls are doomed!

  15. Anonymous22:29

    St ase desava sa Airbus flotom???
    Pogledajte sutrasnji raspored/...predvidjeno je cak 5 letova ujutru sa B737,a samo dva sa A319.Onaj koji ide za TGD ce se vratiti i ici za LHR.

    Sta je sa YU-APF??

  16. YU-APF je crkao a i ostali busevi su u jadnom stanju

    1. Anonymous00:12

      Зашто, шта није у реду са њима?

    2. Anonymous01:03

      Svih pet 737, a samo dva 319??? - Bugarskim 737 nek' produze leasing, jer su pouzdaniji od 319 (?!), Mogu da lizuju i Genexov 732, k'o nekad...

    3. Anonymous01:24

      From what i know 4 out of 5 A319s are working. APF is "dead" as Dusan said, APC and APE are ok, SAA is ok, and SAB went to AUH tonight and will be back on wednesday because there is no YU801 tomorrow.

      I wonder when will the rest of the Airbuses come. We know that APA is ready, or we do not know, but someone mentioned that it is being tested, and also someone said that APD is ready. We also saw that one of the A320s has been leased, and i read tonight that the second one has also been leased, also from Jetstar.

      VH-VQI = YU-APH - age 8 years.
      VH-VQO= YU-APG - age 8 years.

      Source facebook/

    4. Anonymous02:01

      Why is APF dead?

    5. Aэrologic02:25

      All i heard is that it got a cracked windshield.

  17. Anonymous08:21


    so then it's temporary grounded.....not dead.

  18. Dusan10:09

    SP-ACK, Bingo Airways, jos jedan A-320 za Air Serbia...da li taj dolazi umesto YU-APD, Kingfisherov A319 koji je nestao iz svih registarskih listi?? Ovaj A320 je u SNN na farbanju.


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