Tuzla Airport begins expansion project


Tuzla Airport has begun its 3.3 million euro expansion project following several months of delays. The groundbreaking ceremony took place yesterday and will see the airport's terminal expand from its current 2.971 square metres to 4.915 square metres. The added capacity will enable it to handle 800 passengers per hour, up from the current 400. "The reconstruction and expansion of the passenger terminal will increase its capacity to 700.000 passenger per year. Designs for the future terminal envisage for it to cater for two aircraft within the same hour. Furthermore, it will be able to handle 400 passengers in arrivals and a further 400 in departures at the same time", the General Manager of Tuzla Airport, Rifet Karasalihović, said. Work project is expected to take 105 days to complete. Tuzla, which serves as a base for Wizz Air, is anticipates welcoming over 480.000 travellers this year and has recorded passenger growth of over 73% so far in 2017. The Federal government has designated Tuzla as the country's main low cost and cargo airport.


  1. Anonymous15:07

    Nice looking one but the question is how big it is inside and how functional as well.

  2. Anonymous15:51

    Bravo Tuzla!

  3. Anonymous17:39

    Love the A380 in that picture. Keepin' it classy


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