Adria responds to Aeroflot competition


Adria Airways has responded to the strong competition it will face this winter on its Ljubljana - Moscow service from Russian carrier Aeroflot, which is set to introduce daily flights between the two capitals from October 28. The Slovenian carrier will now include 23 kilograms of checked-in luggage free of charge on flights to and from Moscow starting at the end of October for its lowest "Basic" fare, which normally allows only one free carry-on item. Although the change in policy is yet to be reflected on the airline's website, the Russian "Travel" portal notes that agencies working with the Slovenian carrier have confirmed the new fare rules. The free checked-in luggage will only apply for point-to-point travellers. Those transferring through Ljubljana onwards under a "Basic" fare will still have to pay a fee if they wish to check-in their luggage.


  1. Anonymous10:41

    Game on :D

  2. Anonymous10:44

    Sales probably took a hit if they decided on this.

  3. Anonymous11:05

    Good, nice to see them fight back at increased competition. I think they will massacre SU which won't last. Its easier to serve the market from ZAG.

    1. Anonymous12:08

      You think they will massacre SU, even though SU can offer a massive number of connections to CIS and the Far East in addition to covering P2P pax? Good luck.

  4. JP will soon reduce its ops, but will keep the route i think. SU will get stronger :) my2cents

  5. Anonymous15:17

    Very clever and stunning move. I hope they offer full catering too.
    I read that SU have a nice meal served.
    I wish JU follows the same example as JP did. It's always nice to have a regional innovator thinking smart.

    1. Anonymous15:18

      Lol well you do realise that JU does not charge for luggage on flights to Moscow since it introduced the concept. LOL "regional innovator"

    2. Anonymous15:26

      JP already offers full catering on this route

    3. Nisam siguran. Čitao sam ovdje o full cateringu, pa sam išao provjerit na stranicu JP i piše HRANA IN PIJAČA: sky shop service. Tako da ne znam.
      A zanimljivo, pokušavao sam sada uzeti kartu za 12.mj. SVO-LJU a kod basic tarife i dalje piše samo ručna prtaljaga. Možda bi im bilo bolje da prilagode web stranicu prije štogod objave.
      Profesionalizam par excellence.

    4. Anonymous20:35

      At least one per year I go to SVO and they always is full service.
      CRJ9 is really good and you have more space like on 319.
      If you book luggage 12h before check-in, you pay 15 EUR in one direction, but from today on is free and they already sent "mailing" yesterday.

    5. Anonymous22:59

      At the end of the day, Adria remains the smart and versatile carrier of ex-YU and most of the airlines in the region.
      There has been no single carrier adjusting itself to the market needs and simply offering a service.
      In 2021, Adria will celebrate its 60th anniversary.


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