Iceland to manage Kosovo’s lower airspace


Iceland has acquired the rights to manage Kosovo's lower airspace. On behalf of Kosovo, the framework agreement with Iceland was signed last Friday by the commander of the NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (KFOR), General Michele Risi. “The conclusion of this agreement is an important step in the process of creating all the conditions necessary for the opening of new routes in Kosovo's lower airspace in a safe and orderly manner. The agreement will also contribute to ongoing efforts to promote the normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, within the framework of the EU-sponsored dialogue", KFOR said in a statement. In accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and the 1999 Military Technical Agreement, KFOR retains the authority over security in the lower airspace over Kosovo, which has been closed to commercial air traffic, with exception for flights to and from Pristina Airport. The development of new air routes is pursued within the framework of the NATO’s Balkan Aviation Normalisation Meetings (BANM), under the lead of NATO, and with the participation of all relevant stakeholders. The normalisation of the lower airspace of Kosovo will shorten routes and generate environmental benefits and costs savings for airlines and military aviation. Kosovo’s upper airspace is controlled by Hungary.


  1. Anonymous14:05

    Hungary who doesn't have enough personel for their own airspace.

  2. Anonymous23:55

    When will the airspace open, to allow JU flights to fly over Pristina on the way to Skopje from Belgrade?
    It should shorten their flight time quite a bit

    1. You need to see that you are NOT correct. Skopje is not in route through Kosovo or Pristina

  3. Anonymous12:09

    I wonder if they are trained to spot Mig-29s flying at supersonic speed towards the airspace there? LOL


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