Ljubljana Airport’s sharp decline continues


Ljubljana Airport saw its passenger numbers plummet 27.1% in January to 75.495 as it continues to feel the effects of Adria Airways’ collapse. The number of aircraft movements stood at 1.746, down 30.3%. Ljubljana’s operator Fraport previously said it would take a year-and-a-half for the airport to fully recover following Adria’s bankruptcy on September 30, 2019. The airport will welcome new carriers Iberia and Windrose Airlines this summer, while the majority of other airlines serving the Slovenian capital will boost their frequencies.


  1. Anonymous11:41

    Some comments here are just ... no words. Adria transported 50% of the passengers, even more in winter, so of course it's gonna be at least -25% till the summer season. And even the summer season will still be negative. It's not realistic to expect any huge improvements till 2021. So are we gonna have to read stupid sarcastic comments every month till then?

    1. Anonymous11:59

      What happens in 2022 when EU presidency is over?
      Do you think that the traffic will magically stay at the levels of 2021?

    2. Anonymous12:35

      In 2021 traffic should be 30% higher than year before and it is not a success to stay on same level when Adria was operating. This situation is really a shame for Slovenia!

    3. @anon 11.41: completely agree with you.

    4. Anonymous15:21

      I disagree with both of you.

    5. Anonymous22:29

      I disagree with everybody, while agreeing with all.

  2. Anonymous12:53

    It would be informative to have a breakdown on transfer passengers vs end destination/origination passengers.

    If Ljubljana loses transfer passengers, that's negative for the airport but not connectivity which is typically the argument for setting up a flag carrier.

    1. Anonymous14:29

      It's enough if you just check morning flight list out of LJU and you can easily realize that list if quite empty. There is not a single flight in the morning to depart to major hub (FRA, MUC, ZRH). You can also see same picture with the evening inbound flights. If you don't have outbound morning flights and inbound evening flights it's impossible to have good connectivity.

      Situation will slightly change with S20 schedule as LH will introduce morning outbound and evening inbound flights. But still it's far away from what we had in the past.

    2. Anonymous16:01

      With Adria's bankruptcy LJU lost ALL the passengers transfering via LJU. Now it's only O&D traffic. Taking that into account figures are actually not so bad - meaning more Slovenians are now flying from LJU. But connectivity still lacks due to no morning/evening flights

    3. Anonymous18:16

      Anon 16:01

      It is not true that now more Slovenians are now flying from LJU. Most govrnment and business travelers are using flights from ZAG.

    4. Anonymous18:35

      One has to know that connecting passengers were counted double in the statistics. Put simple ADR carried half of traffic but only 30 percent of passenger names. So.. LJU's been down by about 25% since ADR had gone and that's the number since. LJU are putting pink glasses on people and flattening it out by reporting yearly spreads but the truth will come out. They (LJU owners) are holding the whole Slovenian tourism hostage. Go figure why.

    5. Anonymous00:26

      @Anon 18:35: So, you are trying to say that Adria in fact carried only 30% of the passengers in LJU and that's the decline LJU is seeing now. Like nothing else changed?
      Well, statistics work in the same way everywhere around the world and Adria had 50% share. And according to your math, where does the 40% pax increase by foreign carriers add up then?
      Let's not bury LJU just yet - we are only 4 months in since Adria's collapse and still in the W19. Check traffic statistics for airports in other similar cases - It takes a year or two to recover, but some people just think LJU should have growth next month after.
      LJU has done nothing groundbreaking, but is aiming for a constant, slow but sustainable development - and S20 looks quite optimistic as well

  3. notLufthansa14:39

    this picture says it all (via tangosix.rs)

  4. Ingvarsson15:19

    LJU is screwed. LX is rescheduling its one daily from ZRH to 18:40 arrival to LJU and 20:00 departure. Difficult to imagine who, in his/hers right mind, would be interested in such a connection. I've travelled with LX from LJU on several occasions in the past few months and at least 2/3 of passangers were connecting in ZRH to other outbound flights. LH has done little to nothing for 2020 SUTT. I don't care about 2xdaily to Moscow, AF has a crappy schedule with even crappier hub. Most of the trips from LJU are still towards Western Europe.

  5. Anonymous15:26

    Apart from idnas and Anonymous13 February 2020 at 11:41, where have all the Adria haters gone? Weren't they saying that LJU (the whole country, actually) is better off without Adria and their underworked, overpaid workforce? They went so far as to say that with Adria gone, things like health care and pension would dramatically improve. I have yet to see that.

    1. Anonymous16:45

      We didn't say health care and pension would suddenly improve, but it is better to invest any spare money in those rather than in the black hole that was Adria Airways.

    2. Anonymous20:05

      Yes, it definitely is, but it won't happen :).

      So it would be wiser to have Adria, than to have nothing.

    3. Anonymous23:48

      Everybody calling Adria a black whole. The second track of Ljubljana Trieste is at its price tag of 1,7 billion and the construction has not even started yet. Wait till it gets finished!!! This my dear people is the price of 17 fully burdened Adrias or 425 mortgage guarantees that JP was asking. Use your fingers to count the zeros. The only black hole is in between your ears.

    4. Anonymous00:41

      The best comment of the month - you simply nailed it!!
      LJU will be all so fine without JP and the taxpayer will contribute to the economy, schools and pension and not to a failed, retro airline that was a mix of ancient scrap and fuel guzzling inefficient aircraft pretending to be a Star Alliance feeder.
      JP deserves all the respect but was not designed to a modern EU country like Slovenia.
      Slovenia now needs less monopoly, more connections to London and Europe and a good traffic to fill this new terminal yet to be constructed. Arrivederci Adria e grazie mille di tutto!

    5. Anonymous07:14

      @Anonymous 13 February 2020 at 23:48:

      Don't worry, it's just typical Slovenian jealousy. It has nothing to do with common sense. Those who are the loudest are those who never travel. It's the same as me claiming we don't need hospitals just because I never needed one.

      @Anonymous14 February 2020 at 00:41:
      Which taxpayers? Those who are unemployed due to bankruptcy? You really believe that whatever money Adria got from the state would contribute to a better lifestyle? Here's an idea, trying dividing the difference between all the money Adria got from the state and the taxes paid by the employees with all the schools, hospitals, pensioners and you'll see how much better the lifestyle would have been. Zero!

  6. Anonymous17:55

    LJU is in negative because we are comparing the same period last year but what happens September afterwards? Guess what? Growth!
    And guess who is getting a new terminal next year, guess whooo? Ljubljana!
    Guess who was struggling for legacy carriers and who is now adding them to their list.
    Guess who will get the best prices to/from LJU from now on due to lack of MONOPOLY? Ljubljana!
    Guess how much the fares dropped to/from LJU because of the new LH Group vs AF/KL competition? Around 20%.. guess who will benefit? Everybody!

    1. Anonymous18:22

      Dude, in September the truth is coming out. There will be no growth. The whole year drop (minus) is going to become evident and expose that the LJU management has done nothing but BS the media. Guess who is going to feel like an....

    2. Anonymous18:31

      Guess who will have less passenger in Sep20 than in Sep18? Ljubljana (real success)
      Guess where LH group is flying once per day? Ljubljana (real success again)
      Guess which airport will have less passengers even with totally new terminal? Ljubljana

      Do you really think that LH group would have cheap prices if their flights are so full? It's obvious that most passengers are not using flights from/to LJU due to connectivity issues.

      If you have a meeting in BRU/FRA/MUC in the morning it doesn't help even if you get a free ticket for LH flights which are in afternoon.

  7. Anonymous23:56

    Ljubljana Airport Management, especially Mr. JK and Mr. ZS are so incompetent that at an incompetence competition they'd come out incompetently second.


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