Trade Air to resume domestic PSO flights


Croatian carrier Trade Air will resume domestic Public Service Obligation (PSO) flights on June 22, three months after suspending operations. The carrier will maintain two weekly services from Osijek to Rijeka and Pula, four weekly to Dubrovnik and Split, as well as double daily flights to Zagreb. All services will be run by the Let L-410 Turbolet aircraft. The four-year contract for PSO services in Croatia expired in late March with new contracts to be concluded from the start of the 2020/2021 winter season, however, the Croatian government has indicated its willingness to cover the costs of unprofitable domestic services over this current summer.


  1. Anonymous19:08

    Why they not buy those airplanes? This is far cheaper to own instead of renting from Hungarian company...

    1. Trade Air started with L410. Very soon after, they owned three units, not one, operating cargo for DHL during the nights and passenger charters, both ad hoc and chains, during the day. The operations were so successful to provide enough funds to BUY first two Fokker 100's. Turbolets customers were Israeli security covering Croatian airports, Richard Gere, half of the Croatian government, sport teams... They were phased out when HR entered EU as the costs of adjusting them to EU standards would be too high and not profitable for future operations. It was official explanation and I am one of many who disagreed with such explanation and decision. Actually it is similar to decision of Croatia Airlines to phase out B737 which flew for decade longer all over EU, and replace them with A320. And you can come to your own conclusion what was the reason for both decisions, maybe you even accept the official ones :) :) :)

    2. Anonymous12:07

      Pozdrav iz Rijeke,

      But all Let-410 working in Croatia (Trade air and Lošinj), and Sloveni (Lipic Air), works under EU standards ( (not African :-) ), Paying rent to aircraft and pilots who are not citizens of Croatia means a lot of additional costs, Croatian pilot sleeps with his wife in his house, for Hungarian you have pay all additional costs. I found those airplanes on announce very young, up to 10 years (those in their ACMI are much older), for price 1-1,3 mil€ a piece. This is not expensive like AirBus but cheap almost like little better Bus (without air) :-)
      And after all we comes to feeding price Zagreb-Osijek 500€ per ticket... That amount should be almost sufficient for all expenses for entire aircraft on that route.

      Or this is some scheme to draw more money from Government...
      I still do not understand

    3. It's always only and only about the money, my friend. Maybe just one more thing, which might give you better overall picture :"Mladi gazda" cuts salaries of employees by 20% and 2 months later, parks new BMW in front of the office. The result :people leave company and working results are worse. But hey, who cares. Happened some 6-7 years ago. Conclusion :He doesn't care what is the best for the company but for himself only. Probably the story with Lets goes under the same scheme.

    4. Anonymous12:04

      This is very sad because that aircraft can operate with very little subsidies, but instead very little or no subsidies we got 500 EUR for one ticket on government side...

      And aftervthat somebody says this aircraft is expensive to operate...

  2. Anonymous09:26

    So what's the schedule? According to the article now just direct flights? Any Info on that?


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