British Airways shelves Ljubljana flights for 2020


British Airways has cancelled plans to resume seasonal flights between London Heathrow Airport and Ljubljana this summer. Initially, the airline planned to resume operations between the two cities in July, then delayed it until August and then again until September but has now completely cancelled flights for the remainder of the summer. The carrier launched the route last year with plans to double operations from two to four weekly in 2020.


  1. Anonymous10:30

    This makes me especially sad because this route performed really well when it was launched. I think they even sent the A321 at first.

  2. Anonymous10:57

    The title goes: "British Airways shelves Ljubljana flights for 2020"
    The text goes:
    Initially, the airline planned to resume operations between the two cities in July, then delayed it until August and then again until September but has now completely cancelled flights for the remainder of the summer.
    So, is it only summer or the whole year?

    1. Anonymous11:01

      It says in the first sentence it's a seasonal route.

  3. Anonymous11:05

    This is why I try to not read news too much, these news make me extremely sad and depressed. Causes me physical pain.

    1. Anonymous12:43

      An article about an aviation company shelving a planned route causes you physical pain?

    2. Anonymous14:00

      @anon 11:05
      If second round of layoffs is expected, it can be stressful to see another route shelved. If it's that: it gets easier - the worst time is the waiting when you don't know what will happen because bad news keep coming and if your life too will get turned around and you'll have to deal with finding new job, figuring out how to pay off credits and how to take care of your family. Headaches, nausea, low energy, all this is completely normal and it will stop eventually. Maybe you don't feel like talking to someone about this, but right now there is bunch of us who already got laid off and mostly we kind of at least partly got through depression and anxiety of all this craziness of the last year. Talk to somebody who will understand, get a new hobby and keep yourself busy. If you have to cry, do so, it's healthy.

      @anon 12:43
      It must be amazing to have your job in aviation safe right now.

  4. Anonymous11:25

    Are you sure you don't need a national carrier?

    1. Anonymous12:45

      yes. we prefer for foreign airlines to fly empty planes. if someone wants to look at an empty plane you can buy some stored and put it in your garden.

    2. Anonymous13:54

      @Anon 12:45

      this situation will not last forever and what will happen when all this is over? We will have twice per day FRA, daily IST, SVO and CDG. Even INI and TZL will have more passengers than LJU. Slovenia needs national carrier !

    3. Anonymous14:10

      With airlines retiring planes it doesn't seem LJU will be a priority for just every airline frapy managed to get pre-corona. Right now it's the right time to start setting up new national carrier (or whatever creative solution they pull of with foreign carriers THAT will work for Slovenian interest and not for foreign one) that will be ready to start flying when the market begins to stabilize. As Skobir said: don't let a good crisis go to waste (he probably didn't mean it in this context haha), take this time to come up with a good business plan.

    4. Anonymous14:47

      @Anonymous 12:45:

      Are you absolutely sure? Foreigner airlines will NOT fly empty planes.

    5. Anonymous15:28

      Well, JP never did well on London routes.

      Don't forget the amazing MBX-SEN with 2 empty legs every day.

    6. Anonymous15:32

      @anon 15:28

      Those flights were paid by SEN airport...

  5. Anonymous11:45

    they would have only returned for 3 weeks as the season was due to end at the end of September, so their decision makes sense. Hopefully easyJet relaunch as planned in September. It is crazy there are no flights to London at present

    1. Anonymous12:49

      well given the fact that the travel restrictions were on the "red list" until very recently, how is that a shocker?

    2. Anonymous13:59

      What are you talking about? UK is on green list, before it was on yellow list for quite some time.

    3. Anonymous15:29

      Slovenia was on UK 14-day quarantine list until 2 week ago.

    4. Anonymous15:36

      Do you think BA will fly to LJU because Slovenians will fill up their flights? I bet that Slovenians have less than 20% share on those flights.


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