Serbia - Montenegro to reopen borders tomorrow


Montenegro will reopen its border with Serbia tomorrow, paving the way for the resumption of commercial flights. Over 500.000 passengers are handled on commercial flights between the two countries each year. Air Serbia and Montenegro Airlines also have a wide-ranging codeshare agreement in place. The two airlines now plan to resume operations between the two markets on August 19. Although Montenegrin nationals have been able to enter Serbia, Montenegro Airlines was banned from operating to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport on the basis of reciprocity.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    Wow didn't know it was bigger than ZAG DBV. :O

    1. Anonymous17:06

      BEG - TGD & TIV
      ZAG - DBV

    2. Anonymous05:47

      They are not much different, ZAG-DBV is declining for a few years now, they are down to 240.000 passengers in 2019.

    3. Nemjee05:53

      2019 numbers

      BEG-TGD 312.301
      ZAG-DBV 246.166
      BEG-TIV 236.378

    4. Anonymous07:50

      So BEG-MNE is closer to 550,000 pax per year.

  2. Anonymous10:49

    Fantastic! This was much needed as there were also many transfer passengers. Anyone know when flights resume and at what frequency?

    1. Anonymous11:33

      JU is is selling TGD flights from the 22nd, double daily.

    2. Anonymous13:43

      JU will resume flights on the 19th now that the borders were opened.

    3. Anonymous10:30

      19.08 starting TIV-BEG. 4 daily flights (2x MGX ,2xASL)

  3. Anonymous11:15

    Still nothing on

  4. Anonymous13:16

    5% of BEG traffic is MNE. This shows how important this country is.
    Good news though.

    1. Nemjee13:47

      In the past BEG-TIV/TGD used to be the busiest markets out of BEG. The last couple of years this changed and if I remember correctly TGD is fourth busiest while TIV is 7th or 8th. In 2019 the busiest destination was ZRH followed by IST, SVO while FRA was 5th.

  5. Anonymous23:43

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  6. Anonymous00:41

    Montenegro requires a negative PCR test, or a positive ELISA IgG test (which meas you would have to have had COVID-19 and recovered). I doubt the flights will be full from BEG with this in place, especially considering the challenge of getting a PCR test in Serbia, both in the time and effort it takes to get one, but also the cost being rather prohibitive, especially traveling as a family...

    1. Nemjee05:58

      That's because there is a lot of confusion about the whole process. If you want to travel abroad you apply for a commercial PCR test at your local dom zdravlja. You show up there with the uplatnica (6.000 RSD), you get tested and get your results in three days. I live in Zvezdara so commercial tests are done at DZ Mirijevo while regular ones are done at Severni bulevar. The lady working in Mirijevo told me that those who get tested at Severni bulevar have to show up at 04.30 or 05.30 and wait in line for hours. However, if you decide to pay then it's a breeze.

      You have all the information on dom zdravlja's website, they clearly write the whole process there as well as the locations of the commercial and non-commercial testing sites.

    2. Jatovac08:33

      Or you can just go to Torlak, but not in the morning when there is a long queue. I was yesterday at about 12h and there wasn't croweded, all together i was waiting about 30min. The thing is to go to Torlak after the first contigent when Bosnians and Macedonians come and make a fuss. My result came yesterday at 19h


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