Qatar Airways to deploy A330 to Belgrade


Qatar Airways has scheduled a one-off service between Doha and Belgrade with its wide-body Airbus A330-200 aircraft. At the time of publication, the jet has been slated to operate between the two cities on Sunday, February 13, however, further equipment changes remain possible with the airline prone to making last minute swaps. Qatar Airways’ A330-200 boasts 260 seats, of which 24 are in business class and the remaining 236 in economy. The Qatari carrier is maintaining five to seven weekly flights between the two cities this winter season with a mix of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. This month, services were operated on a daily basis, however, they will be reduced to five weekly during February. The airline’s 2022 summer season schedule for Belgrade is currently in the process of being finalised. The deployment of the A330 coincides with the Statehood Day holiday in Serbia on February 15 and February 16 when there is greater demand for travel.  

Qatar Airways A330 business class cabin

Qatar Airways A330 economy class cabin


  1. Anonymous13:38

    Nice! They have used A321 for most of January.

  2. Anonymous14:06

    Makes sense, Belgrade is on fire

  3. Anonymous14:48

    Does mid-February national holiday push all these capacities? Qatar is not the only one who's boosting BEG in February, Swiss & Lufthansa are bring back number of flights from middle of the month.

  4. Anonymous15:19

    it is not because of passengers! :)

    1. Anonymous18:31

      Hehe, exactly! But, it will be A333 even.

  5. Anonymous20:38

    I hope they offer evening flights in summer ..

  6. Anonymous21:51

    I expect that around and during the 2022 World Cup in November and December QR deploys widebody aircraft to all qualified nations, so BEG and ZAG would see daily widebody services, maybe even SKP if Macedonia manages to somehow qualify.

    1. Anonymous03:58

      That would be cool. ��


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