Air Cairo shelves Ljubljana service


Air Cairo has cancelled plans to launch a one weekly service from Hurghada to Ljubljana. The flights were scheduled to commence on October 1 with the routing Hurghada - Skopje - Ljubljana - Hurghada. Instead, the airline will now operate its Sarajevo service with a stop in Skopje starting October 7.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    With 400€ return ticket it was bound to fail

    1. Anonymous14:06

      Yeah, what were they thinking. Especially now, when the fuel/crews/aircraft are free and everything is getting cheaper by the minute.

    2. Anonymous15:45

      a return from SKP cost €340 in November. So €400 for a 4 hour flight + a extra stop which cost the airline time isn't that bad. People expect these days to fly for €10. But FlyEgypt already flies to Hurghada so they probably offer better prices and that's the reason why demand is low from LJU on AirCairo(which is understandeble). The rotation HGH-SKP-LJU-HGH takes them 10,5 hours and the plane will be able to do a new rotation after 11,5 hours(positive prediction). lcc as Raynair and Wizzair do atleast 2 and often 3 rotations in that time. So €400 ofc isn't a bargain but in my opinion quite a normal price. Besides Slovenia is a wealthy country.

  2. Anonymous13:35

    Makes sense

  3. Anonymous15:16

    0 new airlines/destinations for this year. Bravo Fraport!

  4. Anonymous16:02

    Lets hope the new Aegean service don't get cancelled as well...

  5. Anonymous19:34

    Can they sell Skopje - Sarajevo?


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