TRIP REPORT: Skopje - Kilimanjaro


Created by Dragan Gligorievski

I had the opportunity to fly from Skopje to Kilimanjaro via Frankfurt and Addis Ababa in December of last year in business class. The Skopje - Frankfurt sector was operations by Lufthansa, while the Frankfurt - Addis Ababa flight, as well as the sector from Addis Ababa to Kilimanjaro was operated by Ethiopian Airlines.

The experience on my flights can be found in the video below. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous12:05

    Nice report. Thank you. Ethiopian looks like a very good airline

    1. Anonymous13:16

      Flew ET the first time in the late 90ties on number of domestic and international destinations . Great airline w long tradition. Amazing destinations net.

  2. Anonymous13:17

    Nice report. Aside question, do you ever take your shoes off on long distance flights?

    1. Anonymous14:43

      am not him but why not??

    2. Anonymous15:19

      I do on every flight:))

  3. Anonymous14:13

    Great report!

    What was the approx. LF on the SKP-FRA flight?

  4. Anonymous17:20

    Such a professional report, well done on making it insighful, easy to watch and inviting.

  5. Nice report. Thank you for sharing.

    The short-haul business product for LH makes no sense to me, and I too would never consider purchasing on a standalone basis.

    Transferring back and forth between terminals Z and A at FRA would have driven me crazy!

    Just curious, did you consider any TK options via IST? I imagine travel time would be significantly shorter than backtracking to FRA.

    1. Anonymous08:47

      Probably much more expensive with TK in business.

    2. Anonymous08:56

      TK via IST was an option and transfer wise only 1 stop (SKP-IST-JRO), but the transfer time in IST is long (approx. 7 hrs) and, it may sound corny, but when I take evening flights on long-haul in C, I do prefer a lie-flat seat, which TK does not offer on this route as they fly with 737max.
      The long walk between A and Z was because LH had closed their customer service at Z and only A was open, otherwise there was no need for it.

  6. Anonymous10:44

    Thanks for the effort, it was a great experience of 20hrs for you and a great of 20mins for us.


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