Air Montenegro handles millionth passenger


Air Montenegro welcomed its millionth passenger on board since launching operations on June 10, 2021. Commenting on the milestone, the airline’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Mina Muković Radonjić, said, “For us, the support and trust of passengers represent an exceptional incentive for the improvement of our offer. We are very dedicated to this cause, which is achieved through the constant expansion of our network of destinations and service improvements on our flights, while having the safety and security of passengers as our imperative from the very beginning”. Air Montenegro registered a net profit of two million euros in 2023 and anticipates a successful 2024, which will see the carrier launch four new routes this summer, with plans to grow its passenger numbers by some 35% to 650.000.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  2. Anonymous12:03

    Congratulations! All good things start small, let's hope for the best from here

  3. Anonymous12:06

    Good bye Pegasus. Nice to see you at Montenegro

    1. Anonymous12:07


    2. Anonymous12:23

      Check Pegasus summer flights SAW to TGD

    3. Anonymous13:14

      that would be mad but if its true my first thought is that there is too much capacity thrown in


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