EX-YU airports win big at ASQ awards


Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje airports have all been recognised at the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards by Airports Council International (ACI). The awards highlight the world’s top 5% best airports as judged by their customers through a unique ACI/ASQ questionnaire throughout 2023. A total of 595.000 surveys were collected last year, enabling for 170 ASQ awards to be won by ninety airports around the world.


- Best airport in the category five to fifteen million passengers per year in Europe
- Most dedicated airport staff
- Most enjoyable airport in Europe
- Cleanest airport in Europe


- Easiest airport journey in the category two to five million passengers in Europe
- Induction into ACI World Director General's Roll of Excellence (recognition for airports that have won multiple ASQ awards over a five-year period)


- Best airport in the category two to five million passengers per year in Europe

Commenting on the accolades, the General Manager Zagreb Airport, Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, said, "We are extremely proud of the remarkable achievement accomplished by Zagreb Airport. It has been acknowledged by passengers for the seventh consecutive year. This sustained recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to service excellence. The award for 'The easiest airport journey in Europe' further confirms the extraordinary efforts and dedication of our staff in ensuring an exceptional ZAG customer experience and further motivates us to continue on this path to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our valued passengers. Moreover, it is with great honour that we share our distinction as one of eight airports worldwide selected in 2023 for induction into the ACI World Director General’s Roll of Excellence”

The General Manager of operator TAV Macedonia, Nejat Kurt, said, “As an airport operator, TAV Airports is incredibly proud to announce that Skopje International Airport has been again awarded in the category ‘Best airport two to five million passengers in Europe’, earning this prestigious ASQ recognition by the Airport Council International. This achievement is yet another proof and testament to the dedication and hard work of our team, as well as the ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service to our passengers. We are honoured to receive this recognition and remain committed to delivering an outstanding travel experience for all who pass through our airport’s gates. Certainly, the airport service quality that our passengers have recognised for the ninth time is thanks to the people working at the airport, their commitment, and that includes TAV Macedonia staff and our sister companies’ staff - BTA (F&B), ATU Duty Free, TAV Technologies (IT services), TAV MOS (Commercial services), and Euroclean (cleaning services). The voices of passengers have been heard at our airports and will be heard in the future. Meeting their needs with hospitability and creating a comfortable travel experience while at our airports is our top priority.


  1. Anonymous13:48

    Amazing results for BEG, bravo!

    Has anyone here ever participated in their surveys?

  2. Anonymous13:59

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous14:32

    Well presented news article. Congrats to Belgrade for most wins.

  4. Vlad14:34

    This just goes to show what a joke these awards are.

    They have awarded BEG for areas that are literally its weakest points.

    1. Anonymous14:51

      Are they joke for all other awarded airports? If not, what proof do you have they are "joke" only for BEG but no other airports? What do you know about ACI and how surveys are made? Did you personally check every single airport to claim only BEG is a joke? Are you able to answer those reasonble questions?

    2. Anonymous14:55

      I second that this must be a joke. Terrible experience with BEG too many times.

    3. Anonymous14:59

      I must say that Menzies taking over has had some positive impact. I have flown now twice through BEG in the last week since Menzies took over. The staff are much nicer and there were no queues anywhere. Also the staff seemed more professional at security. No one flipping there phones, staff were clearing trays immediately. Baggage delivery was also very quick (despite arriving around the midday arrivals wave). Now I know this is all the same staff but it could be that they now know they can't slack off because they are being monitored. Or maybe they just want to impress the new bosses. Also they may have hired some new staff.

    4. Anonymous15:48

      Anon 14:55 You think your experience is more important than experience of many others who had positive journey at BEG?

    5. Nemjee15:48

      Maybe Menzies is paying them better.

      I also noticed that things have improved since they stepped in.

  5. Anonymous17:04

    All other but, the Cleanest airport in Europe - this cannot even be considered as a joke. This is just a confirmation of this award company's triviality.

    1. Anonymous17:06

      ACI isn't an award company.

    2. Anonymous17:35

      Anon 17:04 I don't agree with you, everything was reasonably clean during my trips. Are all other ASQ awards also trivial?

    3. Anonymous21:18

      There is absolutely no way BEG could ever possibly be considered the cleanest in Europe. Zero way.

    4. Anonymous02:39

      Way. Deal with it.

  6. Anonymous17:57

    This is the slap in the face to all those trashing BEG all the time and for everything. Although there's a huge space for improvement, it just shows that people are reasonable when they don't expect toilet to be a pharmacy, nor the construction sizte to function smoot all the time.

  7. Anonymous18:12

    Both ZAG and SKP are best in the category two to five million pax. How many bests there are? The awarding authority cleary has a problem with the English word "best". There can be ONLY ONE best.

    1. Anonymous18:13

      Sorry....ZAG is not "best. " Just easiest airport journey. My bad.

    2. Anonymous23:45

      There actually is like 3-5 airports for each best category if you look at their website.

  8. Anonymous20:37

    Congratulations to all the airports!

    Hopefully we will have more frequent buses from the airport in Skopje to the centre, instead of every 4-5 hours

    1. Anonymous20:54

      Instead of giving right to the public transport JSP Skopje to operate bus line from the city centre to the airport , they giwe tender to private bus company to do that job , it is Macedonia , dont expect something else

    2. Anonymous21:10

      "instead of every 4-5 hours" you are clearly not from Skopje nor have you ever taken it. Great trolling btw

    3. Anonymous21:11

      @20.54 a ti mu se zakaci ko ...

    4. Anonymous21:28

      https://www.wtransporter.com/ ...

    5. Anonymous09:52

      @20:37 Ne pochnuvaj pak so ovie gluposti. Avtobus ima na sekoi dva saati, prekini vishe da gi zamarash lugjeto.


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