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As we enter the first day of 2020, this is what you read, liked and discussed the most on EX-YU Aviation News in the past year according to accumulated statistics.

2019 marked the most successful year for EX-YU Aviation News since going online on June 1, 2008 with the number of unique visits increasing by 131.4% compared to the year before, while the number of page views grew to over 6.2 million.

Looking forward to another exciting year in EX-YU aviation in 2020!


1. Adria Airways files for bankruptcy, September 30 *
2. Adria Airways 'temporarily' ceases operations, September 24
3. Wizz Air to end three EX-YU routes in winter, August 09
4. Adria Airways given one week lifeline, September 25
5. Heathrow rejects Air Serbia request for additional slots, December 09
6. Serbian regulator blocks Ryanair’s new Niš service, October 30
7. Ryanair set for new EX-YU expansion, October 25
8. Macedonia rules out new national carrier, December 25
9. Air Serbia set for major network expansion in 2020, December 16
10. Adria Airways | 1961 - 2019, September 30

* Most read article of all time


1. Jet2 to enter Montenegrin market, October 04 **
2. Austrian rules out Ljubljana service, October 03
3. Belgrade Airport to see A350 arrival, November 25
4. Jat Tehnika becomes Superjet maintenance centre, December 02
5. Turkish to deploy A330 to Ljubljana, July 29
6. In pictures: Remembering Adria Airways, October 04
7. Ryanair to launch new Niš service, September 18
8. Passengers to get free beer at Belgrade Airport, August 13
9. Lauda reaches out to Adria pilots, September 23
10. Split Airport registers busiest August, September 06

** Most read news flash of all time


1. Air Serbia's “ghost flight” from London ***
2. Royal Brunei Airlines: Manila - Kuala Lumpur via Brunei
3. Flying Air Serbia's 32-year-old 737
4. Swiss inaugural to Ljubljana
5. Adria Airways: Munich - Ljubljana
6. Swiss: Zurich - Nairobi
7. Air Serbia: Belgrade - New York
8. Air Serbia by Etihad: Belgrade - London
10. Korean Air: Seoul - Zagreb

*** Most read trip report of all time


1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. United Kingdom
6. Canada
7. Germany
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
9. Macedonia
10. Australia


JAT DC-10 leased from Finnair in hybrid livery at New York's JFK Airport, 1988


  1. Anonymous11:51

    Wow what a year. Adria's bankruptcy was certainly popular!

  2. Anonymous12:07

    The Adria photo is legendary and kind of sad at the same time in this context. Love the JAT photo too. What a classic :)

  3. Anonymous12:16

    It is fascinating mix of top 3 trip reports: slot keeper flight to LHR, mind braking report of Asia and unbreakable JAT's 737 still flying with style. Great. Bravooooo :)

  4. Anonymous12:43

    This was such a year of ups and downs for ex-YU aviation. Here's to a better year ahead of us.


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