TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Doha - Sarajevo


Created by Muhamad

Inspired by last week’s review, here is a short trip report between Doha and Sarajevo. The flight was taken in February of last year. The actual trip was Jakarta – Doha - Sarajevo but this focuses only on the last leg. Being the dead season, the flight was quite empty. Flight QR293 was operated by the an A320 aircraft, registered A7-ADI. This was one of the plane’s last revenue flights before it was retired by Qatar Airways. Unfortunately, the plane had no IFE as it was one of the oldest in Qatar’s fleet. But since it was empty, it gave enough space to stretch out and have a rest. Footage from the flight is in the short video below. Enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous10:30

    Thanks for the report. That's a very light load.

  2. Thanks for the report

  3. I travelled with qatar airline last year went to malaysia in September had wonderful flight and enjoyed my trip too


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