Wizz Air reduces Skopje - Turku operations

Wizz Air A320 at Budapest Airport

Low cost carrier Wizz Air has reduced its operations between Skopje and Turku to one per week over the next month after Finland announced it was considering temporarily banning the service due to a number of imported coronavirus cases linked to the flights. Operations will be maintained every Saturday until September 29, after which services will be restored to twice per week.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    This is silly, infected people will still fly, now flights will be more packed with worse consequences for us all. Wizz is irresponsible here, they need to suspend the route and not to contribute to the spread of infections.

    1. Anonymous13:43

      and other airlines are not spreading it. lol

    2. Anonymous14:16

      And even sillier, knowing that we all are expecting that second Corona wave. :)

    3. Anonymous15:03

      Haha, what a stupid decision, now even less space on the plane which will be 100% packed....

  2. Anonymous15:49

    This is probably the most notorious route ever launched. There were issues ever since it was initially inaugurated.
    W6 usually are very strict when it comes to hygiene on board and serves as an example for many airlines, especially the regional ones.

    1. Anonymous17:07

      LMAO what issues??

      its one of the most succesful route from Skopje that were launched last August.
      The only issue with this route is that the few anonymous trolls (and notorious SKP haters) here still canot believe it.

      now they even launched BEG-Turku

    2. Anonymous19:12

      Despite the demise of SKP - Turku, i think that BEG will be extremely successful here, as it won't serve only gasto

    3. Anonymous23:28

      lol if u know what the word "demise" means at all .

    4. Anonymous09:05

      I meant exactly demise, this route has no future without subsidies outside of august. period.

    5. Anonymous09:13

      @9.05 notorious SKP hater: as much as other Wizz routes had no future ... what a Troll!

  3. Anonymous15:58

    Expect more news like this as Corona seems to be booming everywhere now. Croatia is number 5 in Europe by new cases per 100.000 people. The UK is about to introduce quarantine for all arriving from HR. Bosnia is also recording record numbers and so on. I think aviation will suffer again.

    1. Anonymous17:01

      wondering wheres the "germany needs our workers guy" from yesterday.

      U PROTEKLA 24 sata zabilježeno je 255 novih slučajeva zaraze koronavirusom te je broj trenutno oboljelih (aktivnih slučajeva) u Hrvatskoj danas ukupno 1689.


    2. Anonymous18:06

      Go2Sky of Slovakia went bankrupt today. Covid is killing airlines left and right.


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